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Monday, December 6, 2010

The start of a New Venetian Stripes Scarf Line

Hi Everyone!
If you remember awhile back I had a couple scarves for men listed in my shop. Both have since found new homes and aside from my line of Unisex Hats there hasn't been anything for men in my shop since. Before Thanksgiving I started forming a pattern in my head that would be appealing to men. But what do men like? Ha...women everywhere ask this question all the time right? :P Well, the best way to start is to think simple. Neutral colors, clean lines, sturdy and for winter you definitely want warmth. With this in mind I created a scarf made from high quality acrylic yarn to hold up against the busy life of a hard working man, but is still great looking (and easy to wash) I wanted to add texture so the pattern then became ridged, which will also help capture the snow and not melt into the scarf and get you wet/cold. The finishing touch? Fringe, not an overbearing amount but enough that it adds a regal touch to your look when going out for an evening. The scarf is wider set for broader shoulders, or it can be folded up for extra padding.
As a women I find when this scarf is folded it works well on me...though a bit long since I'm pretty short ;) But hey, wrap it around your neck and you are good to go!

Shooting the pictures for the Venetian Taupe scarf was a great experience. I had the help of a couple friends who can see together in my Unisex Beanie line. I had a wonderful time finding great locations to shoot and friends to laugh with :) Some of the pictures I took are not on my Etsy site because the scarf isn't true to color since it was shot in sepia, but just as a photography piece I couldn't help myself! So I'll put one on here for you to peek at :D

The picture on the Left is the cover shot for this Scarf available on my Etsy and Artfire shops. The picture on the Right is the Sepia tone shot.

I am so happy with this piece and I hope the scarf finds a new home soon! I have more color ideas in my head so keep an eye out for new ones added to the Venetian Stripes Scarf line!

Thank you all for following my blog! Hello and welcome those who have recently followed! :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fiery Ruffle Scarf!

Just listed today and reached 93 views! I wanted to create another ruffle scarf but I wanted it to have a new 'twist' to it. So I thought 'hey! What if I made a striped scarf in the ruffle style? It'd be like it's spiraling around itself!' And voila I made it happen! I think the camera made it look a tad brighter than it is, the colors are a nice brick red and a rustic orange which creates the fiery look.

Hope you like! :)

In other news, the Purple Haze Ruffle Scarf I posted the picture of in my last post was sold today! So Fiery Ruffle Scarf is the only one I currently have in stock right now. I'm working my lil fingers off to create some new beauties for you all to see! I'd be more than happy to make another Purple Haze or Falling Leaves though if you want one for yourself :)

Have a great week everyone! Coming up next in my shop - Kid theme mini pouches! :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New to the Shop...Ruffle Scarves!

Ruffle Scarves a.k.a. Potato Chip Scarves....either way they are super cute! I'd say they are more for fashion than warmth, but if you live in a place that doesn't get too cold each winter these scarves will keep the chill away! So far I've had two up in my shop...a third is on the way! Thought I'd share some sample shots of each!

The Scarf on the left is Falling Leaves Ruffle Scarf...I'd be more than happy to make more but the first one sold the very day it was listed!
The Scarf on the right is Purple Haze Ruffle Scarf - it is still available in my Etsy Shop! It has a colder, more wintery look with it's mix of purples and grays.
I will add the third scarf as soon as I have the pictures! The name will be Fiery Ruffle Scarf so keep an eye out! :)

Also coming soon, more kid color Mini Pouches and me getting my rear in gear making Christmas Goodies!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cauldron

I finally got the Halloween tick or treat bag up! It's 100% cotton so it can be washed and used over and over...and hey - maybe you'll find other fun uses for it when it's not Halloween anymore :) The base is black with the top part made with the gooiest looking green I could find so it would look like a cauldron that was brimming over...hopefully with candy :P
There is only 1 in stock so if you are interested click on over!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Pouch with No Name Contest

This cute little pouch doesn't have a name! 
Would you like to give it one?
Enter your name idea in the comment box below and which ever name I choose the lucky person will get this pouch for just the price of shipping!
Let the creative thinking begin!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrabble Mini Pouches

Eep, it's been a little while since I've last updated! Been so busy making mini pouches! Hehe, I love those little things and they seem to be growing in popularity :D

I was asked a few weeks ago to see about making a size up from the 11" to see if it would be good for storing things like phone chargers, blue tooth and other electronic wire stuff that usually get tossed in a purse and tangled up in the most annoying way. So of course I got to work right away and came out with a cute 14" circumference sized pouch. After it was made I believe it was my mom (who is my main muse on a lot of ideas :D ) came up with the thought of being able to use them for scrabble games. The bag you get with the older basic edition looks like the the bag in the picture to the right. There is no good way to close it and after time it gets super flimsy and worn out.

So with my new 14" Mini Pouch size I set to work on an eco friendly scrabble set which resulted in my first Mini Pouch Set...which you can also just get one if there is a drawstring color you like the most...I like to provide options ^.^

To visit these Mini Pouch at my shop here are the links for each item:

Thanks for taking a peek! :D
I'll have more sets up soon!


Monday, August 30, 2010

My First Treasury!

I made my first treasury today on Etsy! Everyone always says it's so much fun and now I can see why! I was really worried it'd be hard to do ._. but I decided to be brave today and try it out!  :D
It's all about Orange! I loooove the color...-happy sigh-

Please come take a look! Maybe I'll get super lucky and make it to the front page on my first try! :3


Monday, August 23, 2010

And the Winner is....

Well all the names went into a hat, shaken around like madwoman and the name that was pulled out was Emma McElfresh! Congrats Emma!!! I hope you enjoy your new Key Lime Beach Set! :)

Thank you to all those who participated. I'll have another give away soon. I already have the item ready to give away! :D


Friday, August 13, 2010

First Facebook Give - A - Way!

In honor of my facebook page reaching 300 fans I'm having my first Give-A-Way!!! 
The picture above shows the items I'm giving away. It's a Key Lime bag and hat set. The bag can fit one beach towel or can be used as a market bag, the hat will fit average woman's head sizes 21-23" :)

Give-A-Way rules.

1: Follow my blog and leave a comment on this post, let me know how to contact you :)

2. Become a fan of my FaceBook page. Winner will be notified on my FaceBook page.

On Monday 8-23-2010 I will annouce the winner!

Good Luck to you all!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sneak Peek to...Mini Pouches!

Woo, one more day until it's friday...hope you all are making it through the work week :)

I've been working on my new line of Mini Pouches. The larger pouches are around 6" from top to bottom and about 11" circumference. The smaller size is 5" from bottom to top and 8" circumference. They close with the two draw strings on each side. Can be used for coins, potpourri, or little accessories...anything you see fit that's small enough really. :) They will definitely work for those of you out there that like to play games with Dungeons and Dragons. Maybe some of you want something eco-friendly if you have a shop and like to use organza style bags for jewelry (I will offer a discount with larger orders).
Here is a sample picture taken of one of them.
(Larger bag on the left, smaller on the right)

I hope you all like them! I'll some listed soon! :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey Everyone!
You might've noticed but I made a few blog changes here and there. You can see all my Squishy stuff on the left side of the blog including the Squishy Specials, Mini Etsy, Facebook and Twitter. The right side column has something new! There is now a spot for Fellow Etsians Share Their Favorites! I've asked some Etsy friends to share their favorites and you can now see them on my blog. New things will always pop up so each time you visit you might see something new!
Now further down the page...all way at the bottom in fact are my personal Squishy Favorites. This will also change often so you might find some great stuff from other shops on Etsy. :) I'm not trying to make you all go broke honestly :P
Last but not least I've modified the section of other blogs I follow. Everyone is still on my list but now it will show the 25 most currently updated blogs. It'll stay fresh and interesting so if you want more to read it's all there fresh and fun!
I hope you like it! Thank you all for supporting my blog-hugs and loves to you all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Squishy's Studio

I went on another photography walk yesterday because I needed to get a nice shot of my Plum Blossom Tote. After doing so I ended up finding new things to take pictures of. My grandparents saw later that day (I like to share new stuff with them - photo share online is great!) and they think I should sell them as prints! I know there are some great photographers on Etsy already. So what do you think? Should I get a few prints done to see if anyone would want one to pretty up their walls?Here are a few shots taken yesterday. Tell me what you think!

Peeking in the Willow Tree

The Tragic Queen Anne's Lace
Flower Burst

Those 3 were my favorite and personal best of the day. 
*Each picture has been linked to my shop to prevent enlarging and ripping :P

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Tote, New Set & New News

Well thanks to Mott Crochet Gifts & Sovereign Sea Designs (with the help of VeeDubz, stitchnmomma/HairTodayYoursTomorrow, and AngelicFolk) I'm now a total Etsy BNR addict :P Even if I'm not actually on the treasury for people to buy from it's still so exciting to watch! I got to see new shops and talk to new people which is great! So hats off to you guys for doing a great job :D There is another today that I can't wait for!

New in my shop this week:
This week has been very 'blue'. I got on a kick of using the same color types in a row. Last week was very hot, this week was cool! 

This is the second 'set' I listed this week. Each item is listed individually for those who might not want each item. But if you purchase the Sizzlin' Bottle Cozy and Sizzlin' Flip Flops with the Sizzlin' Beach Bag - LARGE you only pay shipping on the beach bag. :) The Flip Flops are Women's Size Medium- 7/8. I can make more sizes, even for kids, so feel free to let me know if you'd like to see a certain size up there.

Also new this week, all Slouchy hats have been reduced to $18 and shipping prices on individual Scrunchies have been adjusted. I didn't realize the shipping was a bit high since I listed them when I first opened shop. So hopefully now they'll be able to find some new happy homes. :)

That's all for this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend! TGIF :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Beach Set

Hi Everyone! I'm a little behind with my biggity blogging. First of all, my new favorite word as of late has been wonky. I don't know why, but it's so much fun to say. Random I know, sorry. :P

Ok well, last week I completed my first set called Heat Wave. Seemed appropriate since I've been hearing how awfully hot it has been everywhere. 

 In this set there is Heat Wave Beach Bag - LARGE which can fit two beach towels plus the other accessories made for this set, sun screen, and other beachie fun items :)
There is Heat Wave Scrunchie crocheted around a metal free hair band with a white center ring and loopies made to look like a wave.
Last but not least is the Heat Wave Flip Flops. White based flip flops with the straps crocheted in a wavy pattern. Size currently available is Womens Medium - 7/8. But I'd be more than happy to add larger sizes or smaller all the way down to kids sizes! Each item is listed on it's own for those who don't want a whole set. But if you purchase the beach bag shipping is free for both the flip flops and the scrunchie. 

Hope you like :) I did quite the happy wiggle when I finished and will have more up soon! Not all of them will have the same items too so keep an eye out!
Toodles for now!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Country Style Tote

Oh my gosh...I went into my first Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago and now I'm in love with yet another craft store (my poor love hangs his head and sighs). I found yarn I've never seen before and colors of brands I know but never see anywhere-it was awesome! After my first visit I rushed home and pulled out one of the new colors I had purchased and made a new tote :)

Unlike other totes I've made this one looks more like a solid but if you look closely there are specks of color (like my Shaved Ice and Rainbow Sprinkles beach bags). The base color is yellow and the specks are red and blue. If it looks up your alley you can find Country Style Tote on Etsy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Squishy Update and Story Time!

Hiya everyone! I have some new items up in the store, but before I get into that I have a mini (ish?) story. Last night I saw my first actual Tornado warning. I'm used to blizzards and hurricane season having grown up on the east coast but now living in WI blizzards are still there but tornado season is a new thing. So for the first time our TV got interrupted by the EAS tornado warning system and not long after that we heard the sirens going off. Luckily the storm was fast moving and passed by us in roughly a half hour...during that time though it rained so hard and fast the roads surrounding us flooding super fast, like the area where the street sign and curb meet the road was gone. Our poor dog was hiding in the kitchen scared out of his mind - the cat, not so much lol, she chilled with me and watched the rain.

So let's see, last bag I blogged about was Shaved Ice Beach Bag - SMALL. Since then I've listed 4 new bags. Sooo here they are!
This one looks like Shaved Ice doesn't it? Well it's hard to tell by the picture (unless you enlarge it) but the color specks are more like rainbow sprinkles, which my boyfriend helpfully pointed out while I was making this, and so Rainbow Sprinkles Beach Bag - SMALL it was named! 

This tote was listed last week. Thanks to my friend VeeDubz (I linked her name to her Etsy shop-she has super pretty pillows!!!) this tote was named Dragonfly Tote.

This tote was brought in the first day of summer! The colors are a blend of strawberry red, blueberry blue and mulberry green (when they aren't ripe yet) all surrounded by a cream color. Summer makes me think of yummy fruit like that so that's why this was named Berries N Cream Tote.

Rofl, this tote makes me last. I just listed it today and it's called Guacamole Tote and everyone who has seen the picture has said "Holy Guacamole!" I don't know why it's so fun to say that but it is :P
When I posted this up on facebook the first thing that came to mind was a line from Stepbrothers - "Hey I never asked, do you like Guacamole?" It's kind of a random line but it's pretty funny (I hope a lot of you have seen it - it's sooooo funny!)

That's it for Etsy Listings for now. Don't know if some of my new followers (waves to you new readers enthusiastically :D) have seen my scarves yet but one of the pink ones I made last year to help the Breast Cancer fund has been taken off the Etsy shelf and donated to a fundraiser for a Breast Cancer cure.  I hope it helps and I'm happy it went to the cause it was created for. :)

Other than that I've been busy with custom orders, one for my mom for Mother's Day, two my room mate's mother ordered, then one my mom ordered when she saw the tote's colors which lead to making a tote for her neighbor (yay for moms bringing in the buisness lol). So here are the pictures - more custom orders are more than welcome!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's New....

I haven't blogged since end of May :o Course I tried to update yesterday and Blogger wasn't working. Well let's see...what's new.
For starters I've been helping my little sister start her own blog for when she starts selling her items with me. More news on that as it comes along. For now though check out our work in progress!

Last beach bag I showed was my island waves one - yikes...I've added 4 new bags since then!
One of them is a tote line I've been working on-most of them have been custom orders so far but I finally had time to get one of them in the store lol.
Rustic Tote
 This bag is pretty big, but still comfortable. I've made three already as custom orders and am currently working on another. I have few more waiting to join this one on Etsy but I need a nice day outside to have a photo shoot. The weather hasn't been cooperative lately :/

I have three new beach bags up as well.

Sunset Beach Bag - SMALL
These colors just flow together so well. It's not even a striped bag like Island waves was but the way the pattern worked out it kind of looks that way doesn't it?

Surfin' Waves Beach Bag - LARGE
I LOVE this bag, the colors just jump out at you don't they? I modified the large size bags a little bit since the Blue Lagoon Beach Bag. It's now 15" x 15" instead of the old 14" x 16"  and the bottom is now V shaped instead of U shaped! Subtle differences but I think it works a bit better. :D

Shaved Ice Beach Bag - SMALL
Just listed this one today. Might be hard to see from the pictures but this bag isn't solid white, it actually has specks of color all over it. The colors reminded me of shaved ice syrup I saw in Hawaii. There is currently another bag of this style in the works with different colors which will be called Rainbow Sprinkles thanks to the creative input of my man :) So keep an eye out!

That's all for today! Back to the workin room for me! Yay! Don't forget to vote on the poll for which beach bag type you like more! Large or Small. So far the Large is in the lead!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Bag Poll

So as you may have seen, or read about via facebook or twitter, I have a poll under the archives on my blog asking if you would prefer a large beach bag or a small one when looking to purchase such an item.
The Large beach bags I make can fit 2 beach towels plus your other handy pool side accessories like lotion, toys, or a good book.
The Small is made to fit only one beach towel and accessories because hey-not all of us need a whole lot when going to enjoy some sun right?
I just thought I should find out which could be more popular so I can create accordingly.
Of course if anyone wants to custom order one and pick their own color before I make it I'd be more than happy to help! :)
There are both sizes available in my Etsy shop so if you'd like to see the pictures to get a better idea feel free to check out my store -
All input is very much appreciated so thank you!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Island Waves Beach Bag - SMALL

I don't know about you, but my little sister told me our dad opened the pool already. I'm sure it must have been coooold since she lives in MA but that didn't stop her excitement at all. She sent me a picture of her birthday's a little fuzzy since she took it with her camera phone or something-she's so cute though! 

I listed another beach bag today. This one is small, can only fit one beach towel plus accessories like lotion and some swimmie toys. It's perfect if you like to hit the beach or pool by yourself and enjoy the sun. It's also 100% cotton and eco-friendly if you, like so many others, are going green and want to have a reusable market bag to take shopping.  You might have seen these colors in a previous post when I listed the Island Waves large version that I did as a custom order. Special thanks for the great feedback I received from them :) 
If you'd like to see this bag on Etsy please click >here<. 
Bye for now!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Family Trip to the Zoo

My Mom is in town to visit! :D She's never been to Madison before so I thought it would be a great idea to visit our Zoo. My boyfriend and his family joined us on Sunday and I think everyone had a good time together.
Thought I'd share some favorite pictures of the day with you all!
This is the Polar Bear, he was actually up and wandering around - no swimming though but it was still fun to watch him. I was sad though because they are remodeling parts of the Zoo to make an Arctic area and the Penguins weren't out :( I love the Penguins! 

My Mom and I standing in front of the Polar Bear exhibit! You are probably thinking I look like her, I actually am more built like my dad's side of the family (except for the height-that's thanks to my mom :P) The picture to the right is my mom being a polar bear hehe.

Teehee!!! They recently added a Prairie Dog area and this guy was so cute! Don't know how he fit in the holes for the tunnels they have lol.  There was also a little baby that wouldn't venture too far out of the safety of the tunnel but look how bitty and cute it is (had to zoom up on him pretty close)! There was a little girl with her family looking at the prairie dogs and when she saw the baby she said "It must've just hatched." Kids are hilarious aren't they?

Another stand out for me was the Tortoise, this big guy was sloooowly making his way to the water area, he had to stop half way there and rest...course if I weighed up to 500lbs carrying that hard shell around I'd be exhausted too! I remember thinking while reading that they can live up to 200 years old 'They have to live long because it takes them so long just to get anywhere.' The picture to the right is my boyfriend's sister-in-law and I standing with the giant tortoise statue :D

Nick (my bf), my mom and I just monkeying around...

Last but not least, a group shot of us 'kids' together on a zoo bench. :) Was a good day!
I hope you had a great weekend too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Lagoon Beach Bag - Large and some Squishyness

Woo hoo! On a roll with custom orders this month. I have been working on summer stuff for the store too. I just listed my first beach bag for the store today after one of my custom orders got great feedback. This one is called Blue Lagoon, the blues are very bright and eye catching, so hopefully you won't be able to miss it on a beach :P
Click >here< if you'd like to see more on Etsy.

This is the only thing I'll be listing this week. My mom is coming to visit! We haven't seen each other in a long time so we are both excited. Also this week my boyfriend is graduating college and he's totally stoked about that. When everything settles down next week I'll share some pictures. :)  I think we are all going to the Zoo while she's here-oh and did I mention this is the first time she'll be meeting my bf? That's always fun right? The first time parental meeting -chews off nails- :P I'm kidding I think everyone will get along fine.

So yesterday I woke up ready to pick up some clutter around my room (c'mon all crafters know extra material ends up floating around the place right?) But I also had to clean my fish tank. Over the weekend I moved my goldfish, Yugameru and Shimi (yes I name my fish o.o) to their new home in an orb tank. I took a picture of it :D My cat wants to eat them lol. They used to be in a tank in my bedroom but were waaay to noisy when they picked through the gravel at the bottom...and I like my sleep hehe. So here is their new home. After the tank in my room was all cleaned out I got some new fish last night...3 little guppies!  They are much quieter :P I also took a picture of my lil sucker fish (algae eater) Frey. He's in the tank with the 3 guppies :D
I'll be back next week with some zoo pictures hopefully and maybe some of me and my mommy! :D
Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Busy Week!

TGIF!!! Finally made it to 10 sales!! :D -happy dance-
I had a custom order from my grandparents for a beach bag they wanted to give to an old friend :)
I call it Island Waves Beach Bag - Large. I will have some available in my store soon. (Glasses and towels not included :P)
That's not the only thing I had to work on this week. I finished my little sister's birthday present finally. She turned 13 in April and on her birthday I told her she could pick out anything she wanted and what colors she'd like. She is very excited that it's pool/swimming season again (aren't we all) so after putting it all together and brainstorming a name with here we got Tropical Medley Beach Bag - Large. Here is the picture I took for her to see before I shipped it off.

Let's's friday and I currently now have...(counts on fingers) 3 in-progress projects (I rotate, but really wish I could use my toes sometimes :P) and one I finished last night so I feel this week has been a productive one ^_^

I don't usually do this but I also listed an item today.
Sandalwood Basket Beanie - it's the last of the hats I made and will be making for awhile (unless I get a custom order of course). I wanted to get it on Etsy before I started bringing the beach bags and totes in. This hat is like Sand Basket Beanie, has the side box holes with a crab stitch finish that will grip around your head more. If you like the style you can see it on Etsy >here<

Well that's all for now, next time I'm on it'll be with some beach bags! Or you know...random life happenings I have to blog about.
Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^

Check out some Squishy Favorites on Etsy!