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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter Preview

Hello everyone! 

Now that Halloween is over the hustle for Christmas is under way! I've been working hard on some new cozy things to keep you warm for winter and getting some gift ideas ready :)
It's been slow moving for me these past couple of weeks, injured my finger and have to wait for it to heal before I can do any serious crafting again. There are, however, pictures of the coming new items that I'll let you all sneak peek here :) They should be on Etsy soon! If you don't want to wait and would like to custom order your own please contact me and I'd be happy to get it started for you.

Here is a picture of one of the new ear flap hats I've made! I figure they can be unisex and I sized them for One Size Fits Most (and will be happy to make them smaller if wanted for custom orders) Some hats will have pom poms and some won't, the general feedback I got from my friends and family are that men aren't always a fan of fluffy stuff on top of their head :P 
This will be listed as the Oatmeal Ear Flap Hat on Etsy so keep an eye out! 

Next I have a quick shot I took after making this Infinity Scarf. This scarf is great because it's harder to loose, won't unwrap and fall off when you are in a hurry. And it's super long so it can be wound and worn in different ways to suit any outfit. When I got this yarn (and I have other colors OMG I was so excited!!!) I kept thinking a meshy net-like look would be so awesome...and that's exactly how it came out! I personally LOVE this scarf and was very tempted to keep it for myself >:D But I'll be a good Squishy and share...
Look for Infinite Autumn Scarf or Autumnal Infinity Scarf (I haven't made up my mind yet) coming soon! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All sorts of Busy!

So it would seem this summer moving tossed a wrench in my keeping up with everything. I suppose that's life for you. I can't complain, now I have my very own craft room where I can organize, work, and enjoy being generally crafty :D

The big date was in July...we had so much stuff the movers couldn't fit it all in their truck (I probably should have been the one to give and estimate of how much we had but alas...I let someone else handle that). Thankfully all my shop goodies got here safely and all current items for sale are organized and ready for new homes. My yarn on the other hand...well I'm super fond of organizing everything and if it's not just right it's not coming out of the bin yet lol. Anyone else out there like that?

Now it's August and I'm getting back into the rhythm of crafting/keeping up with what's what on Artfire and Etsy. Not going to lie...I have missed it. So much has changed there too. I've especially missed chatting with my friends and I hope no one has forgotten about me :0

Since I've been back online I've listed two new items:
Petunia Mini Pouch
Almond Coffee Keychain Pouch

I'm currently working on a new floppy hat...I've discovered the size I make is pretty much a One Size Fits Most deal and are looking cute and becoming popular on little girls. Who am I to say no to making cute bright colors to frame those adorable faces? keep an eye out for some new hats for yourself and kids - I'm on a spunky funky color fix ^_^ And as always if there is something you'd like me to make in a certain color don't hesitate to contact me to get the yarn ball rollin!

Enjoy the rest of Summer!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hiding Away in Craft Mode

Eep! It's April already and I haven't posted anything January! I haven't been slacking, honest! Not too far into January I went on a yarn shopping spree and wound up with every inch of my yarn bins crammed, with no more room to add any new ones...
*Sigh* I realized in order to get any yarn in the near future I was going to have to increase my inventory and decrease my yarn stock...which is never a bad idea to do anyway. So I've been holed up in a crochet world where yarn turns into pouches, scarves and other misc. items. I have 4 scarves left on my project list to have ready for next of those I'm currently working on. 
Why have I surfaced now? Even though I've been off my computer for the majority of the time I can still keep an eye on everything with my phone. The other day I realized I had new items filling up the shelves but my stores haven't gotten anything new in awhile. Wouldn't want to you guys to get bored with the same ol' stuff in my shop! So today I found one that didn't need anything for fancy pictures and popped it up! :) Having something new up there spurs me on to keep creating don't be surprised if I poof out of internet view again. 
However, if at any time someone has a question or something custom they'd like to talk about don't hesitate to contact phone always lets me know when someone needs me! :)

Here is a view of the new Rainbow Sorbet Scrunchie that is currently only listed on Etsy.

I'll be back again soon! (I hope :P)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter you like it?

Hi Everyone
So I made this hat for's homespun - super warm and looks great on guys too! Would anyone be interested in seeing this style in my shop? If so, pick a color you'd like to see up there, I  have plenty to start with!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A little details about this hat: It's not super tight, I made it to fit my head which is roughly 23" around (which is about the average male size apparently, but you have to take hair into account :P). Average female size is 21-22" around and fits fine, just not overly snug. Since homespun is bulky it adds a nice texture for looks, but keeps the cold out and the heat in. Anyone who wanted the size bumped down I'd be more than happy to do if contacted! :)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it Snow

I realize this is not store related but I feel it necessary to let out some steam, even if it is silly.  I live in WI, you'd think by now we'd be buried in snow, everywhere else is getting hit with storm after storm...even Atlanta is getting more! I grew up in New England which might get upwards of 15" where my mother lives. Excuse me...Wisconsin? You are being put to shame - you are supposed to be like the Alaska of the Midwest...remember when Mythbusters filmed their Alaska special here?
I realize everyone is upset with all the snow they are getting but I expect a certain amount living here. Oh sure it's been in the single digits almost every day...but I feel without snow the cold is just no fun. :3

Whew! Well I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a splendid time ringing in the New Year!
To those who have their own shops; enjoy getting ready for Valentine's Day!


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