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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Lagoon Beach Bag - Large and some Squishyness

Woo hoo! On a roll with custom orders this month. I have been working on summer stuff for the store too. I just listed my first beach bag for the store today after one of my custom orders got great feedback. This one is called Blue Lagoon, the blues are very bright and eye catching, so hopefully you won't be able to miss it on a beach :P
Click >here< if you'd like to see more on Etsy.

This is the only thing I'll be listing this week. My mom is coming to visit! We haven't seen each other in a long time so we are both excited. Also this week my boyfriend is graduating college and he's totally stoked about that. When everything settles down next week I'll share some pictures. :)  I think we are all going to the Zoo while she's here-oh and did I mention this is the first time she'll be meeting my bf? That's always fun right? The first time parental meeting -chews off nails- :P I'm kidding I think everyone will get along fine.

So yesterday I woke up ready to pick up some clutter around my room (c'mon all crafters know extra material ends up floating around the place right?) But I also had to clean my fish tank. Over the weekend I moved my goldfish, Yugameru and Shimi (yes I name my fish o.o) to their new home in an orb tank. I took a picture of it :D My cat wants to eat them lol. They used to be in a tank in my bedroom but were waaay to noisy when they picked through the gravel at the bottom...and I like my sleep hehe. So here is their new home. After the tank in my room was all cleaned out I got some new fish last night...3 little guppies!  They are much quieter :P I also took a picture of my lil sucker fish (algae eater) Frey. He's in the tank with the 3 guppies :D
I'll be back next week with some zoo pictures hopefully and maybe some of me and my mommy! :D
Have a great week everyone!!

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