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Saturday, August 6, 2011

All sorts of Busy!

So it would seem this summer moving tossed a wrench in my keeping up with everything. I suppose that's life for you. I can't complain, now I have my very own craft room where I can organize, work, and enjoy being generally crafty :D

The big date was in July...we had so much stuff the movers couldn't fit it all in their truck (I probably should have been the one to give and estimate of how much we had but alas...I let someone else handle that). Thankfully all my shop goodies got here safely and all current items for sale are organized and ready for new homes. My yarn on the other hand...well I'm super fond of organizing everything and if it's not just right it's not coming out of the bin yet lol. Anyone else out there like that?

Now it's August and I'm getting back into the rhythm of crafting/keeping up with what's what on Artfire and Etsy. Not going to lie...I have missed it. So much has changed there too. I've especially missed chatting with my friends and I hope no one has forgotten about me :0

Since I've been back online I've listed two new items:
Petunia Mini Pouch
Almond Coffee Keychain Pouch

I'm currently working on a new floppy hat...I've discovered the size I make is pretty much a One Size Fits Most deal and are looking cute and becoming popular on little girls. Who am I to say no to making cute bright colors to frame those adorable faces? keep an eye out for some new hats for yourself and kids - I'm on a spunky funky color fix ^_^ And as always if there is something you'd like me to make in a certain color don't hesitate to contact me to get the yarn ball rollin!

Enjoy the rest of Summer!!!

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