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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrabble Mini Pouches

Eep, it's been a little while since I've last updated! Been so busy making mini pouches! Hehe, I love those little things and they seem to be growing in popularity :D

I was asked a few weeks ago to see about making a size up from the 11" to see if it would be good for storing things like phone chargers, blue tooth and other electronic wire stuff that usually get tossed in a purse and tangled up in the most annoying way. So of course I got to work right away and came out with a cute 14" circumference sized pouch. After it was made I believe it was my mom (who is my main muse on a lot of ideas :D ) came up with the thought of being able to use them for scrabble games. The bag you get with the older basic edition looks like the the bag in the picture to the right. There is no good way to close it and after time it gets super flimsy and worn out.

So with my new 14" Mini Pouch size I set to work on an eco friendly scrabble set which resulted in my first Mini Pouch Set...which you can also just get one if there is a drawstring color you like the most...I like to provide options ^.^

To visit these Mini Pouch at my shop here are the links for each item:

Thanks for taking a peek! :D
I'll have more sets up soon!


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