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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hiding Away in Craft Mode

Eep! It's April already and I haven't posted anything January! I haven't been slacking, honest! Not too far into January I went on a yarn shopping spree and wound up with every inch of my yarn bins crammed, with no more room to add any new ones...
*Sigh* I realized in order to get any yarn in the near future I was going to have to increase my inventory and decrease my yarn stock...which is never a bad idea to do anyway. So I've been holed up in a crochet world where yarn turns into pouches, scarves and other misc. items. I have 4 scarves left on my project list to have ready for next of those I'm currently working on. 
Why have I surfaced now? Even though I've been off my computer for the majority of the time I can still keep an eye on everything with my phone. The other day I realized I had new items filling up the shelves but my stores haven't gotten anything new in awhile. Wouldn't want to you guys to get bored with the same ol' stuff in my shop! So today I found one that didn't need anything for fancy pictures and popped it up! :) Having something new up there spurs me on to keep creating don't be surprised if I poof out of internet view again. 
However, if at any time someone has a question or something custom they'd like to talk about don't hesitate to contact phone always lets me know when someone needs me! :)

Here is a view of the new Rainbow Sorbet Scrunchie that is currently only listed on Etsy.

I'll be back again soon! (I hope :P)

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