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Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Busy Week!

TGIF!!! Finally made it to 10 sales!! :D -happy dance-
I had a custom order from my grandparents for a beach bag they wanted to give to an old friend :)
I call it Island Waves Beach Bag - Large. I will have some available in my store soon. (Glasses and towels not included :P)
That's not the only thing I had to work on this week. I finished my little sister's birthday present finally. She turned 13 in April and on her birthday I told her she could pick out anything she wanted and what colors she'd like. She is very excited that it's pool/swimming season again (aren't we all) so after putting it all together and brainstorming a name with here we got Tropical Medley Beach Bag - Large. Here is the picture I took for her to see before I shipped it off.

Let's's friday and I currently now have...(counts on fingers) 3 in-progress projects (I rotate, but really wish I could use my toes sometimes :P) and one I finished last night so I feel this week has been a productive one ^_^

I don't usually do this but I also listed an item today.
Sandalwood Basket Beanie - it's the last of the hats I made and will be making for awhile (unless I get a custom order of course). I wanted to get it on Etsy before I started bringing the beach bags and totes in. This hat is like Sand Basket Beanie, has the side box holes with a crab stitch finish that will grip around your head more. If you like the style you can see it on Etsy >here<

Well that's all for now, next time I'm on it'll be with some beach bags! Or you know...random life happenings I have to blog about.
Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^

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