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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Squishy Update and Story Time!

Hiya everyone! I have some new items up in the store, but before I get into that I have a mini (ish?) story. Last night I saw my first actual Tornado warning. I'm used to blizzards and hurricane season having grown up on the east coast but now living in WI blizzards are still there but tornado season is a new thing. So for the first time our TV got interrupted by the EAS tornado warning system and not long after that we heard the sirens going off. Luckily the storm was fast moving and passed by us in roughly a half hour...during that time though it rained so hard and fast the roads surrounding us flooding super fast, like the area where the street sign and curb meet the road was gone. Our poor dog was hiding in the kitchen scared out of his mind - the cat, not so much lol, she chilled with me and watched the rain.

So let's see, last bag I blogged about was Shaved Ice Beach Bag - SMALL. Since then I've listed 4 new bags. Sooo here they are!
This one looks like Shaved Ice doesn't it? Well it's hard to tell by the picture (unless you enlarge it) but the color specks are more like rainbow sprinkles, which my boyfriend helpfully pointed out while I was making this, and so Rainbow Sprinkles Beach Bag - SMALL it was named! 

This tote was listed last week. Thanks to my friend VeeDubz (I linked her name to her Etsy shop-she has super pretty pillows!!!) this tote was named Dragonfly Tote.

This tote was brought in the first day of summer! The colors are a blend of strawberry red, blueberry blue and mulberry green (when they aren't ripe yet) all surrounded by a cream color. Summer makes me think of yummy fruit like that so that's why this was named Berries N Cream Tote.

Rofl, this tote makes me last. I just listed it today and it's called Guacamole Tote and everyone who has seen the picture has said "Holy Guacamole!" I don't know why it's so fun to say that but it is :P
When I posted this up on facebook the first thing that came to mind was a line from Stepbrothers - "Hey I never asked, do you like Guacamole?" It's kind of a random line but it's pretty funny (I hope a lot of you have seen it - it's sooooo funny!)

That's it for Etsy Listings for now. Don't know if some of my new followers (waves to you new readers enthusiastically :D) have seen my scarves yet but one of the pink ones I made last year to help the Breast Cancer fund has been taken off the Etsy shelf and donated to a fundraiser for a Breast Cancer cure.  I hope it helps and I'm happy it went to the cause it was created for. :)

Other than that I've been busy with custom orders, one for my mom for Mother's Day, two my room mate's mother ordered, then one my mom ordered when she saw the tote's colors which lead to making a tote for her neighbor (yay for moms bringing in the buisness lol). So here are the pictures - more custom orders are more than welcome!

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