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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fiery Ruffle Scarf!

Just listed today and reached 93 views! I wanted to create another ruffle scarf but I wanted it to have a new 'twist' to it. So I thought 'hey! What if I made a striped scarf in the ruffle style? It'd be like it's spiraling around itself!' And voila I made it happen! I think the camera made it look a tad brighter than it is, the colors are a nice brick red and a rustic orange which creates the fiery look.

Hope you like! :)

In other news, the Purple Haze Ruffle Scarf I posted the picture of in my last post was sold today! So Fiery Ruffle Scarf is the only one I currently have in stock right now. I'm working my lil fingers off to create some new beauties for you all to see! I'd be more than happy to make another Purple Haze or Falling Leaves though if you want one for yourself :)

Have a great week everyone! Coming up next in my shop - Kid theme mini pouches! :D

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