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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Squishy's Studio

I went on another photography walk yesterday because I needed to get a nice shot of my Plum Blossom Tote. After doing so I ended up finding new things to take pictures of. My grandparents saw later that day (I like to share new stuff with them - photo share online is great!) and they think I should sell them as prints! I know there are some great photographers on Etsy already. So what do you think? Should I get a few prints done to see if anyone would want one to pretty up their walls?Here are a few shots taken yesterday. Tell me what you think!

Peeking in the Willow Tree

The Tragic Queen Anne's Lace
Flower Burst

Those 3 were my favorite and personal best of the day. 
*Each picture has been linked to my shop to prevent enlarging and ripping :P

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Tote, New Set & New News

Well thanks to Mott Crochet Gifts & Sovereign Sea Designs (with the help of VeeDubz, stitchnmomma/HairTodayYoursTomorrow, and AngelicFolk) I'm now a total Etsy BNR addict :P Even if I'm not actually on the treasury for people to buy from it's still so exciting to watch! I got to see new shops and talk to new people which is great! So hats off to you guys for doing a great job :D There is another today that I can't wait for!

New in my shop this week:
This week has been very 'blue'. I got on a kick of using the same color types in a row. Last week was very hot, this week was cool! 

This is the second 'set' I listed this week. Each item is listed individually for those who might not want each item. But if you purchase the Sizzlin' Bottle Cozy and Sizzlin' Flip Flops with the Sizzlin' Beach Bag - LARGE you only pay shipping on the beach bag. :) The Flip Flops are Women's Size Medium- 7/8. I can make more sizes, even for kids, so feel free to let me know if you'd like to see a certain size up there.

Also new this week, all Slouchy hats have been reduced to $18 and shipping prices on individual Scrunchies have been adjusted. I didn't realize the shipping was a bit high since I listed them when I first opened shop. So hopefully now they'll be able to find some new happy homes. :)

That's all for this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend! TGIF :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Beach Set

Hi Everyone! I'm a little behind with my biggity blogging. First of all, my new favorite word as of late has been wonky. I don't know why, but it's so much fun to say. Random I know, sorry. :P

Ok well, last week I completed my first set called Heat Wave. Seemed appropriate since I've been hearing how awfully hot it has been everywhere. 

 In this set there is Heat Wave Beach Bag - LARGE which can fit two beach towels plus the other accessories made for this set, sun screen, and other beachie fun items :)
There is Heat Wave Scrunchie crocheted around a metal free hair band with a white center ring and loopies made to look like a wave.
Last but not least is the Heat Wave Flip Flops. White based flip flops with the straps crocheted in a wavy pattern. Size currently available is Womens Medium - 7/8. But I'd be more than happy to add larger sizes or smaller all the way down to kids sizes! Each item is listed on it's own for those who don't want a whole set. But if you purchase the beach bag shipping is free for both the flip flops and the scrunchie. 

Hope you like :) I did quite the happy wiggle when I finished and will have more up soon! Not all of them will have the same items too so keep an eye out!
Toodles for now!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Country Style Tote

Oh my gosh...I went into my first Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago and now I'm in love with yet another craft store (my poor love hangs his head and sighs). I found yarn I've never seen before and colors of brands I know but never see anywhere-it was awesome! After my first visit I rushed home and pulled out one of the new colors I had purchased and made a new tote :)

Unlike other totes I've made this one looks more like a solid but if you look closely there are specks of color (like my Shaved Ice and Rainbow Sprinkles beach bags). The base color is yellow and the specks are red and blue. If it looks up your alley you can find Country Style Tote on Etsy!

Check out some Squishy Favorites on Etsy!