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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's New....

I haven't blogged since end of May :o Course I tried to update yesterday and Blogger wasn't working. Well let's see...what's new.
For starters I've been helping my little sister start her own blog for when she starts selling her items with me. More news on that as it comes along. For now though check out our work in progress!

Last beach bag I showed was my island waves one - yikes...I've added 4 new bags since then!
One of them is a tote line I've been working on-most of them have been custom orders so far but I finally had time to get one of them in the store lol.
Rustic Tote
 This bag is pretty big, but still comfortable. I've made three already as custom orders and am currently working on another. I have few more waiting to join this one on Etsy but I need a nice day outside to have a photo shoot. The weather hasn't been cooperative lately :/

I have three new beach bags up as well.

Sunset Beach Bag - SMALL
These colors just flow together so well. It's not even a striped bag like Island waves was but the way the pattern worked out it kind of looks that way doesn't it?

Surfin' Waves Beach Bag - LARGE
I LOVE this bag, the colors just jump out at you don't they? I modified the large size bags a little bit since the Blue Lagoon Beach Bag. It's now 15" x 15" instead of the old 14" x 16"  and the bottom is now V shaped instead of U shaped! Subtle differences but I think it works a bit better. :D

Shaved Ice Beach Bag - SMALL
Just listed this one today. Might be hard to see from the pictures but this bag isn't solid white, it actually has specks of color all over it. The colors reminded me of shaved ice syrup I saw in Hawaii. There is currently another bag of this style in the works with different colors which will be called Rainbow Sprinkles thanks to the creative input of my man :) So keep an eye out!

That's all for today! Back to the workin room for me! Yay! Don't forget to vote on the poll for which beach bag type you like more! Large or Small. So far the Large is in the lead!

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