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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Ways of my Camera

Hi Everyone! Another very spring day making me oh - so - happyyyyy! I woke up this morning and thought 'Hey! I feel like taking some pictures.' I've been on a crafty roll this week, I made three things on Monday alone :3 I didn't take all the shots needed to be able to list online because my boyfriend is usually the one that helps out with that (despite his grumblings about having to do so :P). Doing any of the pictures alone requires me to get a little creative because there isn't many places in my current apartment to shoot in. Two TV trays, a bed sheet and me standing on a tall chair hovering over it later...I was again reminded why I'm saving to get a new camera.

I currently own a Nikon Coolpix S560. It's cute, compact, works fine outside but trying to get consistent low-light/detailed shots is like trying to chew off your own toe. Just in case you are also a crafter and was thinking about getting a camera from that line...:P

Ok check this out. This is a picture of the upcoming Sage Slouchy Hat-same shot, different modes.

The actual color of the hat is the picture on the bottom. It took changing the settings several times until I found a mode that I don't think I've ever used before because it takes several steps just to get to it just to get the hat's actual color to show through. Waaaah!
There is almost enough saved up for me to get my new camera and a tripod (no more having to balance on chairs lol) I'm so excited I can't wait!!! Took about a month to decide on one (since there are actually two I really really want since they do different things but both equally usable for things I'd use them for but I was told it'd be silly to have two cameras :P)
So the day I put up a new post that starts with a 'Squeeeee!' <-my happy noise. You'll know I've finally gotten it :D
I have to run out and get some lunch. I have another project in works for later (seriously I have a stack of new items on my bookcase lol)
Bye for now!

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