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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


That's right folks, the title says it all. I woke up this morning to the ring of UPS calling up to my apartment. My new camera and tripod had arrived. A few hours later after happy dancing and reading the manual the camera was up and ready to go. I decided to go out and familiarize myself with it. It's a beast! I LOVE it! Kicks my old camera's rear end right out of the park. Well I'll hush and let the pictures I took do the talking...worth a thousand words right?

Here is our dog Seuss. Shot taken using black and white mode. (I took one using the Kids and Pets mode which also came out looking amazing)

This is the gazebo at the end of our apartments. Shot was taking using the oh-so-fabulous Color Accent which is exclusive to certain Canon cameras. As you can see this shot accented blue.

Earth meets Water. Such lush colors, this was taken using Landscape mode.

Old broken down fence that nature has taken over. Photo shot in Nostalgia mode to give it an older worn look. I also took one in wide screen which came out beautifully but don't think it would fit on here.

A Dog's Best Friend. Man has dog, dog has hydrant! I couldn't pass up this shot, it made me giggle. Taken using Color Accent again with Red as the main color point.

I love photos like this. Taken using nostalgia with a higher grade of aging.

I have many more but these stand out as favorites of the day. I can't wait to take more pictures! Next will be learning to shoot using the tripod! :)
Bye for now!

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