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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fresh Spring Slouchy Hat

It's Monday and you know what that means! New item has just been listed!!! New slouchy hat (yes I've sooo been on a kick with making these). Took me awhile to think of the name. When I first started I thought 'Grass Stain Slouchy' which upon further thought didn't seem all that appealing :P So Fresh Spring it is! As always it's 100 % cotton which means it's sturdy and machine washable! Also stretches a little so you can get it for your teen or wear it yourself. 
Wow I'm pretty hyper...not sure if you can tell by my typing but I am. Probably because I had two pop tarts and a Pepsi as my breakfast. Bad I know but end of the week with no food does that. I really have to go shopping later :P
Anyway, random side-tracking there...if you'd like to see this new hat click on this link >here< aaand I'll be back with something new tomorrow! 
(I feel like cartwheeling away but I'd probably hurt myself)

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