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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sky Slouchy Hat

Ahhh back to having a warm sunny day. I read that it's supposed to reach around 77 tomorrow! -happy dance- AND I now have 50 items in my shop...with a lot more coming since I've been crafting non-stop :P
I listed a new hat on Etsy today :) This one is a stripped hat (as you can see) with different shades of blue to go with any outfit you'd like to accessorize it with. 
Now going waaaay back to last year when I first opened the store I made a scrunchie called Sky Scrunchie with the same colors as the hat. So, like I've done with the Daisy Hat and Daisy Loops, if you buy this slouchy hat you can get Sky Scrunchie Half off! :)

For Sky Slouchy Hat on Etsy click >here<
For Sky Scrunchie on Etsy click >here<

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