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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart of Gold Scarf

Heart of Gold Scarf just listed on Etsy. Two nights ago I realized I had put the scarf in my inventory but hadn't actually listed it online! I took pictures of the scarf weeks ago but they didn't come out very good and I had forgotten all about it. :x Now it's up and will be the last scarf listed on sale as part of Squishy's Valentine's Day Sale. Whew. 
It's a pretty scarf, unique in that it's the only scarf in my shop that sparkles. The gold flecks in the homespun and the eyelash are shiny. I thought it was a nice touch :)

If you'd like to visit this item on Etsy click >here

Have a great weekend everyone, Enjoy Valentine's Day! I'll be back soon with more new items! :D

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