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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Misty Moonlight Scarf

Happy Tuesday! I got Misty Moonlight Scarf up today. It's very silky and warm and I was SO excited when I got this in the shipment of yarn I had ordered. The eyelash was surprisingly silky. The base is a gray homespun while the eyelash switches between silver and black. Click on the picture to see more on Etsy.

Yesterday I re-listed Raspberry Ice Scarf, a fellow Etsian had bought one and I decided to make another since it was pretty :)
Pretty happy with yesterday actually, I had two main goals for the day: Finish a holiday scarf called Eggnog (will be up soon) and make and list the Raspberry Ice Scarf. Got both done and got another project ready before I went to bed last night. Also have a set I need to get started on but it's going to be crocheted so it won't take long :) Well I'm off for now and I probably won't be listing anything else new this week because of Thanksgiving so I wish everyone who is having one a great Turkey day and have fun on Black Friday! :D

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