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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it Snow

I realize this is not store related but I feel it necessary to let out some steam, even if it is silly.  I live in WI, you'd think by now we'd be buried in snow, everywhere else is getting hit with storm after storm...even Atlanta is getting more! I grew up in New England which might get upwards of 15" where my mother lives. Excuse me...Wisconsin? You are being put to shame - you are supposed to be like the Alaska of the Midwest...remember when Mythbusters filmed their Alaska special here?
I realize everyone is upset with all the snow they are getting but I expect a certain amount living here. Oh sure it's been in the single digits almost every day...but I feel without snow the cold is just no fun. :3

Whew! Well I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a splendid time ringing in the New Year!
To those who have their own shops; enjoy getting ready for Valentine's Day!


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