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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy Squishy News

It's snowing! Good ol' Wisconsin finally kicked into gear after a very mild summer. This week we are supposed to get over a foot of snow. I have pictures from last year's winter. I remember going out and getting the best coat for WI ever lol. It's so long/big it's almost like a sleeping bag you can walk around in :P Of course I have big winter boots but you can't see them in the snow. My dog loves it! We went out this morning for his walk and he started rolling around. I'm sure he'll be super happy tonight when we go out and there is a lot more snow to play in.
I'll have to get new pictures once this storm passes. I hope the rest of you who also live in WI stay warm this week (hey I have plently of scarves to help with that :P )!

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