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Monday, December 7, 2009

Holly Jolly Scarf

Happy Monday! Today I've posted a jolly scarf, it's very cheery and festive. It has a nice green homespun with gold in it with fuzzy red fur all around it, I thought it was a nice Christmasy mix.

Woke up pretty early to find the ground covered in white. There isn't much yet but the weather forecast says we are supposed to get over a foot this week :O It's a good thing I have all these scarves. :P
Of course in Wisconsin when the snow comes so does the frigid cold, had to find my winter boots and my jacket which might looks kinda like a sleeping bag you can walk around in-it's so awesome :D.

Anyway, I have a shipment of yarn coming in soon and more holiday scarves almost ready for sale so there will be a lot more coming soon!

If you want to see this scarf on Etsy click >here<.

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