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Monday, March 15, 2010

Greenland Slouchy Hat

Happy Monday everyone! It is GORGEOUS here in Wisconsin today, not a cloud in sight, sunny and pretty warm for Wisconsin in March. I actually put my winter jacket away!
Great day to introduce a new style of hat to the Squishy Shop, the Greenland Slouchy Hat. Took quite a while to find the right name for this hat but I stumbled across a really pretty and unique tulip with green and pink stripes in it.
This hat can be worn in the regular slouchy style, but I also discovered after making it that it looks pretty cool as a beret style hat too.
Once again my bombay mix, Hexadecimal, wanted to help me model this hat so we are the cover picture for this hat on Etsy. She's so cute, but not for sale with the hat :P I try to keep her away from all items but she is a very clean cat so unless you have SUPER strong allergies to cats there should be no worries! If you'd like to see this hat on Etsy click >here<

Here is the flower this hat is named after, it's so pretty I had to save a picture.

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