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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Squishy News 2010!

Well 2009 is over. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and vacation time.
I had fun, got some gift cards to JoAnn which always comes in handy ;)
Pretty sure my cat got more spoiled than I did :P She got a pirate ship she can play in, black sails with a kitty skull n crossbones and everything (course I don't think real pirates had a jingle ball you could bat around).
How did you all do? Anyone get some interesting or awesome gifts?

I'm a little behind with new store items, I have been making things, just having problems getting good pictures done. Either there has been no light around here or glaring uneven light. Hopefully I'll have something new for next week though :)
Breakfast time for me! Have a craftastic day everyone!

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